September Lady of the Month: Brooke Swanson

Why did you start doing FIT4MOM classes?

In July of 2016, my sister-wife (jk) and current FIT4MOM bestie, Kimmy Tomlinson, suggested that we try the 8 week Body Back transformation class for the summer! She had heard really great things from the community and thought that it would be great to do together. I was super nervous since I was not typically known for my "physical performance" stature, but I had another BFF's wedding at the end of September, so I thought "Let's do this"!....and I might have bought the bridesmaids dress a size too small so there's that...lololol.. That was all it took! Three summer's later...I haven't looked back!

What classes do you currently attend and why do you love them?

Since I do not have little ones ( super, I have tended to stay in the realm of the Body Back classes, which feels like home to me now. The coaches are supportive and understanding and really want you to succeed which makes it easy to attend and break through those physical plateaux. (Miles started at 16:45, ended at 12:32) I love the evening classes since they are great if you have to work a little later in the day! We are like gypsies (BFF&I) and bounce around to the class that best fits our schedules. In the last couple of weeks, we have moved to the mornings (advanced and Friday Morning Boost) which has been hard no doubt, but rewarding, which is mainly why I love all the Body Back classes. I love that I have such a strong sense of accomplishment everytime I leave. That I did it and! It is a supportive community for all.

What's your favorite exercise and why?

WALL SIT up for seriously, my thighs can crush an enemy's head so I like the reminder that those ol' girls still have some power left! Make's you feel alive the next day when you feel the burn! A good ab burnout is second best!

What's your guilty pleasure?

The items that I buy on the card that he does not know about to fund all my "Treat Yo Self" needs! Like a Swiss Bank account, gotta keep it secret. And horrible TV shows... we all have something to be ashamed about watching.