February Team Highlight: Lauren Campbell

My first FIT4MOM class was the awesome Mother's Day Stroller Strides event on Alki nearly 2 years ago when my daughter was 4 months old. I had absolutely no stamina and my body felt like jelly both in squishiness and in lack of muscle but I loved the community, the diversity of women and bodies and how amazing it felt to be sweating in the sun and sand.

I started teaching Body Back and Boost classes in July 2018. I love being a client in Body Back, Strides 360 and Stroller Strides classes.

The transformations are truly my teaching motivation; and, while I love seeing remarkable physical transformations, it's the emotional growth that's truly inspiring. Whether it's gaining speed on the mile, drinking more water, or just showing up twice a week, spit-up on the shirt and all, witnessing women in this community find that fortitude of being a mom who claims some time for herself because it is the best thing for her and her family never gets old. I leave every class inspired to do better.

I am working on developing my TRX skills! I love the straps and how deep you can get into exercises so I am trying to incorporate them more when I teach. I love when women look at themselves in the mirror when they're in a TRX chest press or bicep curl and they see just how strong they truly are.

My background is in higher education, specifically college student programming. I love the energy of college campuses. After we moved from Austin to Seattle, I spent two years traveling back and forth to complete my Ph.D. in higher education administration. While I am not working on a campus at this moment, I will be back soon!