August Mom of the Month: Annie McCullough

I’m Annie McCullough, the lucky parent of 16 month old Lindsey, and along with my wife, a couple of retrievers and old cats, we enjoy a happy home in the Schmitz-Genesee neighborhood of West Seattle.

Why did you start doing FIT4MOM classes?

Before parenthood I use to spend two or three hours enjoying the gym most days of the week - cardio, a class, yoga, perhaps the pool and hot tub. After having my daughter, I spent a year trying to get it together to just show up at the gym and failed time and again. I was intimidated to try FIT4MOM, but finally showed up for a free class and after experiencing my first genuine workout in a year I was hooked! I was running at least a few minutes late the whole first week, but I found a supportive, patient team and welcoming, empathetic community that kept me willing to show up, regardless of the state I was in, and it’s quickly become one of the best things I do for myself and my family. Plus, in a third of the time I’m certain I’m getting a more effective full body fitness session than I did at the gym, although I do still miss what I now realize were very leisurely post workout showers.

What classes do you currently attend and why do you love them?

I’m down at Alki Beach every morning I can manage for the 9:30 AM Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes. It gets me and the little one out the door to fresh air and this time of year loads of sunshine, all along our scenic waterfront. Whether it’s been a long night or we’re on top of our game that morning, getting an early dose of community and fitness sets us up for our best day possible.

What's your favorite exercise and why?

Yoga is my favorite exercise. If I could dedicate most of my days to (leisurely) doing yoga badly, I’d be really happy. And that’s why I love yoga - yoga invites all bodies and various abilities, and the value is in the practice, not the proximity to perfection one achieves. I’m not able to attend yoga classes very often any more, but I’m always looking forward to a few minutes of stretches with my yoga mat at the end of FIT4MOM sessions!

What's your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure - without contest - is chocolate. Premium chocolate brings me such delight I often surrender the guilt and simply enjoy chocolates - be they caramel, salted, or simply pure chocolate - it’s definitely my go to for planned indulgences and impromptu middle of the night treats!