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FIT4MOM Body Back changed my life!

FIT4MOM Body Back changed my life! After just one session, I saw real changes in my body and on the scale. The workouts are intense, but there's something about working out with a group of other women who are going through similar challenges that is so motivating! The nutritional coaching and food journaling also helped me make some pretty big changes in my day to day diet. I have a ways to go, but I'm feeling the best I've felt in years and am motivated to keep on going!


We all came out together on the other end, better and stronger than we started

Body Back is an amazing 8 week program. I went in thinking I was going to work hard and lose weight but what I came out with was so much more than just that. I worked hard (sometimes harder than I wanted to) and I did lose weight too but I also found support with the coaches and my fellow body backers. Having someone cheer you on all the time and having others in the same situation as you, makes all the difference. Everyone starts on their own and at their own place but we all came out together on the other end, better and stronger than we started.


Supportive community of moms

My favorite part about Body Back isn't the butt lift or the powerful endorphin rush from a good, hard workout. It's the supportive community of moms who are in it together, pushing each other to reach our best. (And the butt lift isn't a bad side effect!)


I just needed that extra push

FIT4MOM gave me the strength, support and encouragement I needed to get off my butt and work it off! I feel stronger, more energetic and up for even more challenges now. I just needed that extra push.


Body Back is so much more than getting your "body" back

Body Back is so much more than getting your "body" back. It's about being a mom and having the motivation to take care of yourself- mind, body, heart and soul!


“If not now then when?”

"Before Body Back I was stuck in an avalanche of bad habits and shouldisms. As a 40-something mom of two toddlers, “should” was a constant. I should sleep more. I should eat better, I should feel better. I was exhausted. I longed to feel stronger, healthier, and more energized. Knowing I “should do” was not enough. I had to lean in and lift up.

Then, as if Emily heard me, the words, “If not now then when?” appeared on my screen. Hmm, how timely. I chose “now” and I chose wisely. Every minute spent engaged in BodyBack (in class or on my own, working out, or eating clean) improves the quality of life ten-fold. I went from zero to many push-ups in 4 months. I gave my mind, body, and soul new wings. I learned how to transform crisis into chrysalis. And, I had fun - good, sweaty fun.

Without a doubt, BodyBack yields the the best return on investment of your sweat equity."


Not only did I get my body back but my spirit came alive

"Not only did I get my body back but my spirit came alive. As someone with a chronic disease this class has given me the tools to take my life back and fight for my well being. I'm eternally grateful to Emily and the team." -Karla

Body Back has given me strength and confidence

I never thought I could be fit, be a runner, eat healthily, and feel lean. I DO NOW! Body Back has given me strength and confidence, which makes me a better mom wife and teacher.


It has truly been life changing

Body Back put me back in the driver's seat. The program taught me what to eat and the most effective way to exercise to maintain a healthy weight. It has truly been life changing!


We all celebrate each other’s accomplishment

Body Back is about making me the best mom I can be. I joined to lose weight but keep coming back because of the positive effect it has had on me. The moms you meet in Body Back are so supportive and we all celebrate each other’s accomplishments.


I was way out of my comfort zone when I signed up, but I couldn't be happier

Body Back has been the best gift I could have given myself! As a rule, I don't really enjoy exercise, but having another group of women (a group of moms!) to keep me accountable and hold me up when I didn't think I could do it, has been amazing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Body Back for any mom who is on the fence about trying something new to get back in shape. You can't ask for a more supportive group and the workouts pass so quickly because it's almost as if you're having fun. Go figure! I was way out of my comfort zone when I signed up, but I couldn't be happier with the results and I definitely want to keep coming back for more.


No excuses, just good old sweat

Getting your postpartum body back is something you shouldn't go through alone. Working alongside strong, fearless moms while getting trained by strong, fearless moms has been one of the most empowering feelings I've felt. No excuses, just good old sweat. I'm looking forward to continuing on my journey with Body Back."


With Body Back I'm getting me back

Motherhood presents the mother lode of to-do lists. And too often, us mommas fall to the bottom of those long lists. Body Back has helped me literally push myself up that list and place priority on my physical and mental well-being. With Body Back I'm getting me back."


Body Back has also helped me create friendships with other incredible moms

I started out by thinking I wanted to be in the best place physically and mentally to take care of my daughter. Body Back has not only helped me achieve this goal by shedding inches, burning off stress and steam, but also helped me find some time for myself and be a better wife, mom and person. We can all get caught up in being a mom and forget to take time for ourselves. This was especially true for me. I lost myself as a person for a while, always worried about my daughter. It's amazing what one hour and five minutes can do for you twice a week.

Body Back has also helped me create friendships with other incredible moms. So, my why is for my daughter, husband and to be a better person!


Body Back is an investment in yourself

I wasn't prepared for the "butt kicking-think I'm dying" workouts! But, the pictures don't lie! I may not be able to see my toes yet, but I feel slimmer, pants are looser, and I look more toned. Body Back is an investment in yourself! The workouts are awesome, the instructors are amazing, and the only thing to lose is bad habits and fat!


I reached all my goals and set new ones

Body Back was truly transformational for me! I had tried to squeeze in workouts when I could after baby, but I wasn't reaching my goals. I was hesitant to make the commitment to Body Back for sure - but having the group of mama's to look forward to seeing at workouts and the supportive accountability of the instructors who are also awesome role models made all the difference for me! Body Back helped me develop amazing habits that set a healthy example for my daughter. I cannot say enough good things - suffice it to say that after becoming a mother and then going through Body Back, I feel stronger than I ever have - physically, mentally and emotionally. I reached all my goals and set new ones, and now I can't imagine not having Body Back in my life!


Now I can't imagine a life without this Body Back

When this opportunity presented itself...I just knew that I was going to do it. This wasn't always the case...I had a whole bunch of reasons why I couldn't do it: too tired, too out of shape...too expensive. But those were lies. The truth is that I couldn't not do it and that gave me the confidence to register. Now I can't imagine a life without this Body Back and I'm excited to see where I'll go (and grow) with it.

-Michelle Demers

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