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a message from Emily

It has been my absolute honor to lead this FIT4MOM West Seattle Village the past five years. FIT4MOM has been a tremendous part of my life since my 1st-grader, Vancey, was 6-weeks old in Boise, ID.

As a new first-time mom in a brand new town, FIT4MOM gave me fitness and friendship. (Let's be honest, it also gave me a reason to get dressed and leave my house everyday and encouraged the occasional shower.) But most importantly, FIT4MOM gave me a tribe of women whom I could rely on for answers to new-mama questions and made me feel like I wasn't alone as I took my first steps into my new chapter of Motherhood.

Two years later, in Seattle, with another new baby and in another new town, FIT4MOM did all of those things again and more.

Today, as I look back over five years as owner, I see that FIT4MOM gave me the opportunity to lead a movement of moms; it provided me a chance to encourage women to love their bodies as beautiful and astonishing examples of strength and to find peace and joy in their hearts. FIT4MOM allowed me the privilege of bringing strangers together as true friends both virtually and in person. Through fitness classes, philanthropy and connection we have all strived to seek and embrace strength in motherhood together.

As a mom of three little boys, living far away from parents and siblings and cousins and grandparents, FIT4MOM has given me a true community, and in fact a beautiful family, full of love, acceptance, fun and adventure. I am so blessed.

Chapters have beginnings and they have endings but the story being told never stops, it continues to unfold in new and exciting ways. And while I am feeling every single emotion as I share with you that my beautiful and fulfilling chapter with FIT4MOM West Seattle is coming to an end, the story of this special village of women and families will continue to be told and shine brightly.

Therefore it is with great pride, excitement and honor to share that the very special, Meghan Tavelli, will be commencing her own chapter as the new owner of FIT4MOM West Seattle.

Here's to New Chapters, Fresh Starts and Enduring Friendships!




a message from Meghan

At 32 weeks pregnant I was nudged by a friend to try a prenatal class with FIT4MOM West Seattle. I came to class and was immediately all in. In on the workouts but more importantly in on the wonderful community of moms-to-be that I saw every week. I hadn't known I needed them, I was hooked!

And then baby makes three. The first six weeks after Jack was born, were tough to say the least. Emergency c-section, supplementing milk and all the things. I needed mom to mom support, badly. So, I started Stroller Strides and became part of this wonderful village. The women and community at Stroller Strides saved me. The instructors, the moms, the village. I had somewhere to be, someone was expecting me. They knew me and my son and took the time to listen and care.

Soon after joining Stroller Strides I also joined Emily's team and I have never looked back. I've had a chance connect, strengthen and deepen our connection as a community, as mothers and to ourselves.

Since those early days of my new chapter as a mom, FIT4MOM West Seattle has grown tremendously; so has my own family as well as my role within the village. I've added a rambunctious little daughter, Harper, and have evolved my role into leading the entire Stroller Strides program, amongst a many other fun hats.

I've met countless moms, children, spouses, grandmas. I have been honored to have been able to reach and support these women - you. But really, you have all touched me. Everytime I attend or lead a class, run into a fellow FIT4MOM Mama in the grocery store or down on Alki, I'm proud to know you. You are my village and it's through FIT4MOM where I found you and found my own strength in motherhood.

I am truly blessed to be able to be on this journey of Motherhood with you all and this next chapter is going to be amazing!

Emily isn't only my boss, she's my dear friend and my mentor. She has done countless wonderful things for myself and the moms and families we share our community with. As the new owner, I am beyond thrilled and excited to continue what she has started and develop and grow our amazing village!




Here's to New Starts + Enduring Friendships

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