MONTH OF MAMA: Body Back Client Spotlight

Meet one of our newer tribe members, but not new to the Fit4Mom family as she recently relocated from Lake Tapps to West Seattle, Body Back and Stroller Strides Mama, Sarah Prock!!


Tell us about yourself and your family.

My name is Sarah Prock, a wife to my wonderful husband Andy of 10 years with four littles, Malachi (8), Nehemiah (6), Naomi (4) and Zoe (Almost 2). We JUST moved up from little town called Edgewood close to Puyallup Fairgrounds to be closer to my husband’s work leaving our family network. Really a transplant from the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California to be fair. I am a SHAM (Stay At Home Mom) and I am blessed to be able to enjoy this season with my little ones!

What surprised you the most once you became a mom?

I have Type A personality and little OCD. Ha! Honestly, becoming a mom was truly difficult because I liked plans and I wanted control over every situation and I liked my little box of how life should be. With kids, that control is tossed out the window and only false sense of control sets in propelling you to feel unequipped and out of control. Kind of funny huh? I learned that I had to let go of those false control in order to truly appreciate my kids and just roll with punches; raise my hands and enjoy this rollercoaster ride called Motherhood.After 4 kids, I can truly say, I have let go…tiny bit. Still a work in progress.

Why did you join FIT4MOM? Why do you love it?

I first ran into group of Stroller Strides mamas in Lake Tapps out strolling with my friend with my 4 1/2 month old at the time and we were wondering why they were traveling in groups in their strollers stopping everywhere doing what looked like exercises. I am a total introvert so I don’t usually engage in conversation with random people but my friend’s interest was piqued. We met the instructor/owner and she invited us to come for a free class. After a month of trying to make it to the class, I finally made it. I had Naomi, two at the time and Zoe who was 4 1/2 month and I joined in on my first Stroller Strides. It was very eventful hour. Naomi was restless and wanted to get out of the stroller the whole time and Zoe cried here and there but all the mommies were so supportive and kept assuring me, there were days like that for all of them. At the end of the class as I was ‘freeing’ my two year old, I knew it in my gut, this is what I needed. I haven’t looked back since. I joined Fit4Mom Body Back since I just didn't have the time for Stroller Strides in the mornings anymore. I found deeper connections with the mommies there as we encouraged each other at a different level to push further and to find our identities in the midst of motherhood. I never thought I would say burpees would be my favorite but it is one exercise I love to hate.

When our family was moving up here to West Seattle, first thing I did was to search for Fit4Mom and my instructors were super excited that I would be able to join Fit4mom West Seattle and all that they had to offer. I, on the other hand, was little apprehensive. I joined Stroller Strides again to get me through the week before next session for Body Back began. It was difficult to walk through the doors of VFW for my first Stroller Strides but once inside, I saw beautiful faces welcoming me by name and Emily who happened to be there to showcase Body Back gave me a most welcoming hug. I walked away from the class feeling like, I am home. I found my village.

All I seem to talk about these days and post on my Facebook is all about Fit4Mom. I love the camaraderie, no-judgement, just moms trying to figure this journey out called Motherhood as we strengthen ourselves both physically and emotionally.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn't have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

I have always been partial to photography and lyric theatre. I would love to pursue those passions; take more classes to sharpen the skills I already have.

What is your favorite go to piece of baby gear?

Ergo Baby Carrier has been my lifesaver and my back saver for the longest time but as a baby shower gift, my friend introduced me to Lillé Baby and ONE thing I love about the carrier was that it has adjustment for legs for babies starting 4 months to be able to sit comfortably with legs out.

Any advice for new moms?

Give yourself grace.It’s okay to do an ugly cry as your hold your newborn because you are just sleep deprived and you just don’t have anything left in your tank. It’s okay to ask your family and friends to help, let your guard down and ask for help and reach out. You are beautiful Mama; these loves in your life have been placed in your care because you are able. You are wonderful Mama. You are enough.