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Some of our Awesome Mamas lending a helping hand

Jewel, "I started F4M to get out more and set a good example for my son. What I have found is so much more. The workout is challenging and fulfilling, did I just do that whole hill? Working out has never been my thing, but I started slow and felt supported every step, I soon found that I’m a more patient mom if I get the workout in. Now I can’t give it up. The families I have met have become dear friends. We support each other with conversation and connection. I love the community we have become and it warms my heart to see all these babies become toddlers and then big kids. I am so happy to call FIT4MOM my tribe. I get in a real workout and get to make new friends for myself and my kiddo."

Sarah, "My FIT4MOM "Why" is because when I was new to the area and was looking to get out and meet other moms FIT4MOM gave me that village. It has become part of our daily routine, getting out, working out, and playing with friends. The FIT4MOM village has helped me develop a healthy life style and empowered me as a mom and woman. It's been an amazing adventure!"

Jessy, "My FIT4MOM "Why" is to ensure time for myself. The great workouts, accountability, and amazing community of supportive mamas have changed my everything. Since joining, I am now in the best shape of my life and happier than ever before. With the added bonus of awesome new friends for myself and my toddler. Total game changer."

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