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Alicia Stribling

Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre Substitute

My FIT4MOM "Why" is because being a mom and moving are two activities that bring me so much joy. When I had the jetlag of early parenthood and could hardly tell which way was up, FIT4MOM reached me where I was at. These ladies helped me find and build strength for life, not looks, and as a result I am stronger and happier than ever. I love FIT4MOM because I can sprint up a hill to catch my toddler and carry him down in one arm, because I am strong enough for one more thing when I thought my hands were full, because I have a reason to get out of the house, and when I am discouraged there’s always another mom who has been there. I love this community and am excited to help other moms find strength and joy in motherhood.

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