Special Announcement: FIT4MOM West Seattle Studio COMING SOON

I started my journey with FIT4MOM nearly 6 years ago as a client in Boise, ID. My husband and I had moved there from the Bay Area when I was 7 months pregnant with my first baby, Vance. I didn’t know a single person, we were an 8 hour drive from family and friends; by the time my sweet baby arrived I was so lonely, probably depressed and absolutely craving a Village. That first month after Vance arrived was tough! I had heard of Stroller Strides and decided to see if there was a local franchise. There was.

I was unsure of what to expect. Was this a walking group? Would I sweat? What should I wear? Did I have anything that would fit my 6 week postpartum body? I was so nervous, I didn't even know how to unfold my stroller!

Stroller Strides was like an instant family. That first class was fantastic! The workout was hard, but the instructor offered me modifications and the other moms were so welcoming. I signed up on the spot.

Fast forward a year and a half and I found myself living in a new state, here in Washington, with a second baby and the opportunity to purchase the local FIT4MOM West Seattle Franchise!

Six years ago I found a Village with FIT4MOM when I really needed one. Today that Village is my gift to every mom who is looking for one and even those moms who didn't know they needed one.

In 2015 FIT4MOM West Seattle was awarded a Top Three Franchisee Finalist Award from our Home Office at our annual Conference Event in San Diego. It was so very cool to be recognized and honored amongst such an incredible group of women doing amazing things in their communities. We finished in the top three out of over 250 Franchises around the country. I was extremely proud of what my team and I had done and stoked about what was to come.

2016 has been a huge growth year for us. We have a total of 20 team members who do everything from teach classes, to social media, to Our Village leaders, to community outreach, to helping me manage it all. We run Stroller Strides 5 days a week and are excited to begin offering a regular weekend family class. We offer Fit4Baby twice a week and 15 Body Back classes a week and look forward to additional class time offerings!

This past summer, FIT4MOM West Seattle hosted the 4th of July Children’s Parade. We had close to 2000 people in attendance!! It was an amazing experience and opportunity to give back to our community. We had both the Mayor of Seattle and our King County Executive as guests of honor to help kick off the parade. Leading a community event at this level further cemented our role in West Seattle as THE destination for moms and families looking to be a part of an amazing Village. FIT4MOM West Seattle IS that Village!

In fact, we are becoming so synonymous with motherhood and fitness that FIT4MOM West Seattle is so excited to be the Seattle area winner of Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome Award in the Most Invigorating Fitness Program category.

We won because YOU all voted, further securing FIT4MOM West Seattle as THE fitness community for moms whether you’re expecting your first baby or your first baby is grown up and away at college!

Thank you!

Anyways, following our Top Three Finalist Award at FIT4MOM Conference, I set a 2016 goal for our business. We had grown by triple digits here in West Seattle, year over year and we were outgrowing our various locations around town. I had a goal of opening up our own Studio by year end. I had conversations with our home office, chats with mentors of mine within the community here, checked Craigslist daily and found myself driving new routes around town just to try and discover a hidden gem of a space. The year had been slowly winding down and it was becoming clear that 2016 wasn’t going to be our Studio year after all. I thought, no big deal, I’ll just bump that goal over to 2017!

Then, my Village came through for me. I received an email from a client saying she had a lead on a space she thought might be exactly what I was looking for!

I hopped in my car, drove right over, made a call, did a walk through and knew this was it! It was another several weeks of a lot of back and forth with FIT4MOM Home Office, the Landlord and some awesome friends who were giving me guidance as I navigated the beginning of a whole new chapter, but things were looking like my goal, my dream really, of a “clubhouse” for our village might come true after all!

Two weekends ago I invited my team over to my house and told them to wear their running clothes, we were going on a field trip! We walked the four blocks from my house through Hiawatha over to the Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy on the corner of California and Lander, where a lease was waiting for me to sign!! I announced to my team that this was it!! This was our new home. We had done it!! Champagne was uncorked, toasts were made and dreams were coming true!!!

Yes, our big announcement is that FIT4MOM West Seattle will be opening up a freestanding local studio in the Admiral Junction!!! You will find us on the same block as our friends at West Seattle Runner and Elite Sport and Spine, across the street from Hiawatha and down the street from our friends at A Kids Place Dentistry and Sound Orthodontics!! This location is fantastic all the way around!!! Plenty of street parking, a gorgeous park with a track right across the street and easy access to THREE grocery stores to hit up right after class! We look forward to holding Body Back, Fit4Baby and a few other surprises we have up our sleeve!

Our goal is to truly make this space YOUR Village destination. If it’s supportive of motherhood we want to bring it to you here. If you have a brilliant idea, we want to hear about it!! This is YOUR space, your home away from home. Your Village is here to support you!

We get the keys the beginning of November and will be ready to go for our Holiday Mini sessions which begin the week of Nov 14th and we want YOU to be among the first group of ladies in our Village to help us kick things off!! Space is absolutely limited to ensure everyone has plenty of room to get their Burpees in so DO NOT wait to get yourself signed up!!!

We know you’re as excited about this new adventure for our Village as we are and we want to say thank you for being apart of everything so far. We’re giving you a coupon code to use for the next *three days only* to save some sweet moola off of your Body Back holiday mini session!! Please visit our webpage www.west-seattle.fit4mom.com and click Register Here, use the code EarlyBird40 and save $40 off your Holiday Mini Session!! WE’RE SO EXCITED!

Join us at our new studio this November, you can find us in the Admiral Junction at 2707 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116.

We can’t wait to sweat with you!

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