October Mom of the Month: KELLIE AVENDT

Tell us about yourself and your family.

My husband Mike and I are Detroit area natives who moved to Seattle 10 years ago. We have a two year old daughter named Olivia who is bright, and funny and the best thing we ever did. We spend a lot of time outdoors and love to go camping and explore the world around us with our little girl. Mike is a passionate Detroit sports fan with unmatched patience and the most loving Dad I know. I am passionate about baking, bad jokes and planning vacations that usually get replaced by trips home to Michigan :). It took me some time to warm up to Seattle, but I couldn't imagine raising my family in a more beautiful place. We have truly found our home here.

What surprised you the most once you became a mom?

Um, pretty much everything! A few things come to mind, but probably the biggest one was how quickly I changed my vocabulary around how I look and feel about my body. It became so important to me that I model body positive behaviors and choose words that I'd be proud to have Olivia repeat. I'm proud when she tells me she's tough and flexes her little muscles :)

Secondly, I was really shocked at how challenging breastfeeding was. I wasn't prepared at all for the time commitment feeding and pumping took. I just thought you popped the kid on and that was it!

Why did you join FIT4MOM? Why do you love it?

I joined FIT4MOM because I quickly realized that my 5am runs were not an option with my new schedule and I needed something with a specific time and place to show up to, because I knew I wouldn't do it on my own. I love it because Body Back helped me become the fittest I have been in my life and completely changed the way that I feed myself and my family. I love it because my instructors met me where I was and always encouraged me to try harder and push just a little further. I love that my 2 year old does push ups next to me and I don't feel out of shape when I do anything athletic next to my husband.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you didn't have any obstacles, what dream would you pursue?

I'd have the perfect life if I could convince my sister to move to Seattle and be my next door neighbor so our kids would be able to grow up together. Aside from that, in 5 years I just want to be living my best life. I'd love one more baby, a job that I can do from anywhere and the flexibility and funds to take my little family all over the world.

What is your favorite go to piece of baby gear?

Our Dohm white noise machine definitely has the most miles on it and the auto rocking rock and play was probably the best thing we could have done for our sleep and our arms

Any advice for new moms?

Soak in and enjoy every moment you can. Even the gross stuff is pretty cool. I'd also say to spend zero time worrying about how others think you are doing as a parent. That's their business, not yours.

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