"I felt like I could do anything..."

When I became a mother nine months ago, it was easy to let the role completely

overcome me. Mother was a new identity, and it came with a constant 8-pound

reminder that I was no longer calling the shots. It was easy to let “mom” become

synonymous with “me” and let my other identities take a back seat.

Well, it was easy for a little bit. I had just gone back to work after maternity leave

when I heard about Body Back. I was lacking confidence – it was so easy to focus

on everything that was out of my control when my baby was teething, the house

was a mess and I could no longer manage being on time for anything.

And don’t even get me started on my own body! It no longer felt like my own. I

was nursing every 45 minutes for hours on end, couldn’t fit into any of my clothes

and got winded loading up the car. Control and confidence felt like distant


Body Back gave me the space to reclaim the old me while celebrating the new

“mom me.” It challenges me to take control of my choices – what I eat, when I

workout, how I talk to myself and who I am as a new mother. When the

mountains of laundry or sleep deprivation threatened to take control, Body Back

surrounds me with a community of women who understood just how hard, and

just how important it is to show up and sweat with each other.

I never, ever regret the time I spend in Body Back. When I shaved 40 seconds off

my mile, added 4:34 to my wall sit and lost 8 total inches, I felt like I could do

anything. Every day I struggle to balance the identity of mother with so many

other pieces of who I am; and every day with Body Back, I get that boost of

confidence – I have the strength for motherhood, and Body Back allows me to

claim it!

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