Behind the FIT4MOM Hat: Kathleen Warren

You may know Kathleen as your kiddos instructor at The Little Gym of West Seattle but she is also FIT4MOM West Seattle's Community Marketing Coordinator EXTRAORDINAIRE!


I have always liked to stay busy and before kids I did that by working in strategic communications (aka public relations) for Microsoft for 13 years. I actually started working there while still in college and wanted to do something a little less fast-paced after my daughter and son were born. Turns out dealing with toddlers all day isn’t too much different than dealing with high tech clients ;-). Now I love working closer to home and being more involved in my community by working as an instructor at The Little Gym of West Seattle, running our guest cottage in AirBnB (great place if you have out of town guests and I give a FIT4MOM discount), and of course doing the community marketing for FIT4MOM West Seattle.

I knew that I needed an outlet and to stay busy once my daughter was born so as soon as I was cleared to exercise I looked up the local Stroller Strides class and started doing Stroller Barre. I will never forget Emily greeting me warmly and making room for my stroller on that first day. After doing a few Stroller Barre classes down at Alki I was completely hooked! What better gym could you ask for? Since then it’s made me the mom I am today. I am filled with confidence and inspiration everyday from being a part of the FIT4MOM community. From cookie exchanges, to partner exercises, and watching our kids grow up together FIT4MOM is one of the best things to happen to me was a parent.

Since last summer I have been working to connect FIT4MOM West Seattle village with all of our amazing local businesses and partners. I help plan all the Vendors of the Month so you can get discounts at your favorite spots and help strengthen our relationships within the community like Swedish Children’s Physicians and Nurturing Expressions.

If I could give any advice to new moms it would be: take time for yourself and don’t forget self-care! You can only be the best mom you can be if you put yourself first once in awhile.

When I am not working or hanging out with my family I enjoy cooking (especially in my InstantPot!), watching documentaries, and being out on the water in a boat or on a paddle board. I can’t wait to see you during the next class, playgroup or Mom’s Night Out! I am so proud to be a part of our FIT4MOM West Seattle Village!

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