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We'd like to introduce you to another one of our fabulous team members, Meghan Tavelli!!

Stroller Strides/Fit4Baby Manager & Instructor

Body Back Instructor


Before having my kids, I was a preschool teacher turned business/office management. My educational background is in early childhood development and also elementary education. When I moved here from Portland schools weren't accepting teacher positions so I became a preschool teacher! After a couple years I wanted to try my hand with some business experiences and widen my options.

When I was pregnant with Jack I knew I would stay at home. I DIDN'T know that meant becoming part of the FIT4MOM West Seattle team...and I'm SO glad it does now! I started right where some of you start, in Fit4Baby. I loved the idea of a healthy active pregnancy. I soon realized that it was more than just a workout and that I was gaining this community of moms-to-be and I was HOOKED. I knew I had to start Stroller Strides as soon as possible. I was a little unsure of how far I could push myself since I had an emergency c-section but was able to do the exercises and loved them and most importantly, the people.

Now I have Jack, 3 and Harper, 16 months (plus two pups at home and my hubs) so when I'm not kicking your bums in Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby or Body Back...I enjoy running, sometimes withOUT the kids and trying to get outdoors with my crazies.

Other facts about me:

I'm a twin and I have a long lost brother (ask me and I'll tell you my Oprah story), I LOVE Christmas, coffee and my family. I also LOVE what I do and most of that is because of YOU. We are able to bring moms and moms-to-be not just a workout and some sweaty clothes, but a community of moms who know what's up (probably our babies at night), a community that are bound together through potty training, first laughs, first days of preschool and all that goes in between.

THANK YOU for giving me this opportunity to work with you and bring FIT4MOM into you AND your family's lives.

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