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Stroller Strides has kept me accountable to working out regularly!

I started participating in Stroller Strides when my son was six months old; now he is almost two. Before Stroller Strides, my endless "To-Do" list trumped getting exercise. Stroller Strides has kept me accountable to working out regularly. I keep doing it because I like the increased energy and physical strength I feel (especially since I started doing Stroller Barre). All of the instructors are effective and considerate of each woman; they offer modifications for every fitness level. Having a supportive community of other moms is a nice bonus too.


Thank you West Seattle Stroller Strides!

I started Stroller Strides 10 weeks postpartum. Being surrounded by so many women in my same situation was not only comforting but inspiring. If they could load up the massive gear that comes with baby, zoom down to Alki on fumes (because who has time to get gas?), and bust their buns regularly on only a couple hours of sleep, well then, so could I! Now my baby girl is a toddler and mimicking my moves along with her newfound friends—which is also an inspiration for mama to keep on keepin' on. Thank you Stroller Strides!


Stroller Strides offered the perfect solution!

After having my daughter I realized having routine reasons to get out of the house each day were very necessary to keep my sanity. I was introduced to Stroller Strides at the summer kickoff and figured this was a good place to start. I've never really been a motivated gym goer and now with a baby that idea seemed even more daunting. Stroller Strides offered the perfect solution, not only was I getting out of the house but I was able to get in a solid workout with my daughter in tow. After several weeks I began noticing my endurance levels were really increasing, there was muscle definition where previously there was not much to speak of and I was making friends with an amazing group of women. In the beginning I figured SS would be a fun summer program, working out on the beach each day, why not?! But now that fall is starting and our classes are moving indoors we plan on sticking with it because SS has really helped us lead a healthier lifestyle and we are a part of a community we (my daughter and I) both love!


I have dropped 12lbs and today I got to shop a size smaller!!!

A big thank you to you and the SS team. Since the summer launch, when I started, I have dropped 12lbs and today I got to shop a size smaller!!! Yahoo!!


I love being able to set an example for my children!

Stroller Strides completes me as a mother, making me feel reenergized and whole again. But even bigger than that, I love being able to set an example for my children of the importance of exercise and taking care of your body.


I am leaving a legacy of fitness for my daughters!

Through my participation in Stroller Strides, I am leaving a legacy of fitness for my daughters. Every time my 3 year old arranges her stuffed animals in a circle to "teach" exercise class, or does stroller lunges with her baby doll in the toy stroller, I know that my dedication to fitness is having a positive influence on her. Her enthusiasm motivates me even more. Thanks, West Seattle Stroller Strides!


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