Mom of the Month: Nicole Berglund

Tell us about you and your family:

Before I became a mom and moved to West Seattle, I grew up and graduated from Colfax High School (Yes, the one city that pulls you over for going one mile over the speed limit!) and graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Nursing from WSU (Go Cougs!). During nursing school, my whole family made the decision to move over to the Seattle area and I met my husband through a mutual friend (he went to UPS).

After graduating, and moving in with my husband in North Tacoma, I completed a residency program at St. Clare Hospital in Lakewood and worked for four years as an Operating Room RN....and I LOVED my job! However, my husband owns a company based out of Seattle and was commuting long hours every day, so the decision was made to buy and renovate our current house above Alki beach in West Seattle. Shortly after moving here, I got pregnant and made the decision to stay home and take care of our sweet baby boy Owen who is 3.5 months old.

Some facts about us: We have a laboradoodle named Ruby, we enjoy getting out and about to attend different attractions and activities around the area, love to go on walks, are big Seahawks fans, enjoy our yearly vacations to Maui (where we got married), and most importantly we love spending time with our friends and family!

What surprised you the most once you became a mom?

Growing up, I was the oldest of 5! My parents both re-married and I have a step-sister that is two years younger but I was 8 years old when my brothers were born and 10 for my youngest sister. All growing up, I had always loved playing house and "being a mommy" so I was very involved in taking care of all of my little siblings (once old enough, I would ask my parents to leave just so I could babysit, lucky right! So I felt as though I was pretty prepared for mommy hood (minus staying up all night ha!) and I love it!! It's everything I could have ever dreamed of. I think the biggest surprise to me is how impressively loud my son's fart/poops are, I don't remember that at all with any of my siblings! However, the best of all is watching my husband be a father. I now understand the true meaning of the quote "I never knew how much I loved your daddy until I saw how much he loved you."

Why did you join FIT4MOM? Why do you love it?

I recently joined FIT4MOM West Seattle because I was interested in getting back into shape, but most importantly to meet other mommies with kids and babies that Owen will get to play with some day! All of the moms that I have met are so fun and inspiring, and it's so great to have women to chat with whom are going through, or have gone through, the same exact things that I am and that's why I love it!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself as a mommy of two and possibly working part-time back in the Operating Room. And to have hopefully traveled to Europe (my husbands family is from Sweden!).

What is your favorite go-to piece of baby-gear?

My favorite piece of baby-gear so far is the ergo-baby carrier. I try to get out a few times a week and go places where he can sit in the carrier and look around, it's great because he will look around/sleep for at least a couple of hours!

Any advice for new moms?

When Owen was a few weeks old, I was down at Alki beach and met a mom of 3 children under the age of 4. She was so inspiring and gave me advice that I really took to heart. She told me that she just "goes with the flow" and believes that is the reason that they find parenting to be so enjoyable. And because of that, her and her husband are considering a fourth child! So my advice to new moms is to go with the flow, take other people's advice/criticism with a grain of salt, take some time to yourself each day, and enjoy being a mommy! I believe those are a few of the main reasons why I (and my husband) are enjoying parenthood so much!

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