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First Post...our Lovely Megan!

One Year Anniversary!

One year ago I started my Body Back journey. Looking back there were so many emotions going through my head.

How was I going to explain to my husband this Body Back program was something that was going to help me become a better mother and wife? Why was I feeling so guilty for wanting to get healthy again? Was it really even possible to get out of the house alone with a 1 1/2 year old and a 2 month old at home? What if my babies wake up and I'm not there? Was it selfish of me to want my own alone time?

I swear there were times I felt just getting to Body Back was harder than the actual workouts. Don't get me wrong...the workouts killed me but as we all know as women and moms we take on everything and make sure everyone is taken care of before ourselves. So I did what I had to do... Since I was apart of the morning crew it meant that I would have to wake up my daughter, Emma, for a 5:00am feeding so that I could make the 6:00am class. Sometimes Emma wasn't happy about the 5:00am feeding so I had a lovely date with the breast pump...good times! So by the time 6:00am rolled around I was ready to go! It also helped that I had AMAZING women to work out with.

Through this journey I've definitely had my ups and downs....such is life. Body Back is not just about eating clean and working out for 8 weeks. For me Body Back is about learning how to make the right decisions that will only help my future self; whether it's about food, stress eating, working out, learning to how to allow your body to heal when injured, learning your self-worth and accepting your weaknesses and learning how to work through them.

Now one year later (and five half marathons under my belt) I'm happy to say I've found my old self again. I’m back! In fact I feel like I've discovered someone better than my old self. Yes I'm happy about the weight loss and yes I'm happy about how far I've come physically but more importantly I am so blessed to have met some amazing women this last year. Whether I'm working out or teaching Body Back all of you women continue to inspire me every day. I love seeing your passion, drive and confidence in this life changing program.

Last but not least….My secret: Eat Clean, Train Dirty! We all know what it takes to lose weight. It's simple: Eat healthy, exercise more. Why don't more people do it? Because there's the mental aspect; you have to WANT to eat mindfully and workout hard. As I said, you have to WANT to eat clean and train dirty. Body Back taught me how to WORK for what I WANTED.

Be fit, be healthy, be happy, my friends!


ps, here is the Fit4Mom National Blog article I was spotlighted in!

Motivating Mom via Fit4Mom National Blog m-gorgeous-mother-of-2-megan

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