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Behind the FIT4MOM Hat

Get to know one of our newest Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby instructors, Suzanne!


As a mom, fifth generation West Seattleite, and someone who thrives best exercising with others… FIT4MOM West Seattle seemed like something to check out. I am forever grateful that I did!

FIT4MOM West Seattle became a special community to me after my son Sawyer was born in February 2013. I worked hard for and loved my academic advising position, but as my maternity leave was ending, our family situation needed me “home” more than at the university. While I cherished my time with my son, I craved the structure and diverse interactions from my previous career. I timidly joined my first Stroller Strides class and quickly loved the community of friendly, interesting and motivating local moms… oh, and the fun workout!

Fast forward to my daughter Rowan being born in April of 2016 and FIT4MOM West Seattle has truly become my happy place. While it can be challenging to get out the door with kiddos in tow for Stroller Strides or in the wee hours for Body Back after a wakeful night with the baby, I NEVER regret it!

The holistic wellness I gain from exercising with this inspiring and caring community of moms makes me so thrilled to join the FIT4MOM West Seattle Team this February as a Stroller Strides instructor! I am grateful to be able to support moms in all phases and variations of motherhood through fitness and camaraderie. Get out the door with me to workout, commiserate and laugh!

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